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The Student Information System (SIS) serves the entire academic community, is administered by four lead administrative units (Office of Admissions, Office of the Controller, Office of Financial Aid, and the Office of the Registrar), and is supported by MSU IT Services. The Office of the Registrar serves as the steward of student data and the student information system (SIS). Executive sponsors are the Asscoiate Provost for Academic Services and Enrollment Management; Vice President, Finance and Treasurer; Assistant Vice President/Director of Planning and Budgets; Associate Vice President for Information Technology and Interim Chief Information Officer (CIO); Associate Provost for Teaching, Learning, and Technology; Associate Provost for Graduate Education and Dean of the Graduate School; and the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education & Dean of Undergraduate Studies.


To provide a robust and flexible administrative infrastructure with exception service to faculty, staff, and students, transform MSU's dependency on a highly customized SIS, and ensure student data and information are accurate and available to effectively operate the institution.


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