Michigan State University’s Student Information System (SIS) serves the entire academic community and supports administrative processes critical to the matriculation and graduation of Spartans every year. SIS functions support students throughout their academic journey, from financial aid offers and accessing MSU’s Schedule of Courses to managing enrollment, grade submission and degree conferral. It is administered by four lead units (Admissions, Office of the Controller, Office of Financial Aid and Office of the Registrar) with support from MSU IT. SIS is the system of record for information about students and the administrative data supporting learning and teaching at MSU.

The MSU Student Information System is comprised of Oracle’s PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and Oracle’s Student Financial Planning platforms. Students and staff can access SIS at student.msu.edu

Explore resources below and use this site to learn more about MSU’s SIS. Questions related to SIS can be forwarded to sis@msu.edu or via the Contact Form.