Staff Training

The training resources on these pages will assist staff in learning about, and working in, the Student Information System (SIS). 

If you need help or have additional questions, visit the SIS Staff Help & Support page for more information. 

General Resources

  • General Training

    A general Campus Solutions training is available for all faculty and staff members new to Campus Solutions. 

    Course Title: Campus Solutions General Training - Welcome to Campus Solutions!

    Upon completion of this training, users will be able to:

    • Understand how to navigate within Campus Solutions
    • Recognize the components of Academic Structure
    • Understand new terminology and concepts unique to Campus Solutions

    This course is available in D2L for self-enrollment

  • Fact Sheets and Terminology

    Fact Sheets


    • Campus Solutions (CS) Code Book: this Code Book will help end-users of Campus Solutions data become familiar with the various codes and descriptions for commonly used elements of the system. Included where appropriate are crosswalks to legacy SIS codes to assist in the transition to CS. 
    • PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Glossary: a list of relevant terms for users who will be using the new system, Campus Solutions. 
  • Navigation


    Use this Navigation Quick Guide-Staff to learn basics about navigating in Campus Solutions.

  • Business Roles and Access in the MSU Student Information System

    Use this document to view a high-level overview of business roles used in the MSU Student Information System (SIS). A request for access is required for users seeking new or updated access to SIS. Select the “Default Form” option and list the business roles in the “Description of Requested Access” section of the form. In all cases, please include the other required information as noted in the third column of the document.

General Job Aids and Guides