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MSU is upgrading! Throughout this academic year, MSU will be phasing in functionality for students and staff in the Student Information System (SIS) at student.msu.edu.

As a student, what will this mean for you? 

Websites used to complete student activities will be shifting to the Student Information System (SIS) over the fall and spring semesters.

On March 1, 2021, students will have access to additional functionality in SIS, and will also begin using SIS for annual enrollment when enrollment begins in April. Here’s a little more of what students can expect:

SIS is here!
  • Current Student Financial Aid Packaging

    Current students will begin using the new financial aid portal in SIS to view and manage financial aid packages. To access your financial aid information, visit student.msu.edu and click on the “Financial Aid” tile.

  • Enrollment

    Academic Year 2021 – 2022 enrollment will be done in the new SIS at student.msu.edu. For the first time, you will be able to enroll in fall 2021, spring 2022 and summer 2022 classes at the same time. To learn more about enrollment in SIS visit the SIS Help resources.

Of note, you will also notice on your My Profile tile in SIS that in addition to your APID, you will have a student ID assigned. Your student ID is simply your APID with a "1" in place of the "A." Over the course of this academic year, you may be asked to provide your student ID or APID. Simply replace the "A" with a "1" to convert from APID to ID.


As a reminder, here’s what is currently available to students in SIS:

  • Academic Advising and Tutoring Appointments for Undergraduate and Osteopathic Medicine Students

    You can make appointments with your advisor and/or tutor in SIS at student.msu.edu. After logging in, navigate to the Academic Progress tile and select Advising/Tutoring Appointments from the left navigation to start setting up a new appointment.

  • Academic Progress

    Academic Progress tileUnder the Academic Progress tile, you will be able to monitor progress on degree requirements, and undergraduate students can work with advisors to run an Academic Requirement Report, or what they may refer to as a Degree Audit. This report will help you understand your progress toward degree and make your time with an advisor productive. In January 2021, MSU began moving from Degree Navigator to the Academic Progress tools available in SIS, but students expecting to graduate by summer 2021 will continue to use Degree Navigator. 

  • Academic Records

    Academic Records tileAt the start of spring semester 2021, some academic record information was moved to the Academic Records tile in SIS. The system will display a quick glance of degree progress, course history, transfer credit and grades. StuInfo will continue to include this same information, but it will eventually be phased out from StuInfo and be accessible only in SIS. This transition away from StuInfo is not beginning until later in 2021.

  • Class Search (Shopping Cart and Planner)

    Class Search TileThe new Class Search is available at a publicly accessible website (student.msu.edu/search). While logged into SIS, you can prepare for fall 2021 enrollment by adding classes from Class Search to your Shopping Cart. You can also use the Planner tool to produce a multi-year course plan based on your degree requirements.

  • Delegating Guest Access for Financial Aid

    My Profile tileWithin the My Profile tile in SIS, you can delegate guest access in two ways: electronically and by phone. Currently you can only set guest access for financial aid within the new SIS until June 2021. Because your billing information and academic records will be available in StuInfo until that time, guest access will only be necessary to complete financial aid activities. For more information about guest access in the new SIS view our Guest Access for MSU Student Information page.

  • Electronic Consent and Statement of Financial Responsibility

    In order to conduct student business online, you are required to complete an electronic consent form as well as review and accept a statement of financial responsibility.

    The first time you log into SIS at student.msu.edu, you will be prompted to complete these tasks. You’ll also be asked to set additional system preferences.


  • Financial Aid Documents and New Admit Packages

    In November 2020, the Office of Financial Aid began preparing packages for newly admitted students for fall 2021. As of Dec. 14, 2020, newly admitted students began accessing the financial aid portal to view and manage their financial aid packages whereas you, as a current student, were granted access to FAFSA data, submit documents, or complete other requirements to prepare for packaging in spring 2021.

  • GradPlan (graduate students)

    GradPlan tileGraduate students began accessing an all new GradPlan in SIS in January 2021. The current GradPlan is limited to doctoral students, so in January, master’s students began tracking their degree requirements digitally. Students expected to graduate fall 2021 or after will begin to utilize the new platform. If you’re unsure about whether you’ll need to use GradPlan based on your degree progress, please contact your graduate advisor.