Guest/Parent Access for MSU's Student Information System

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MSU students are able to grant guest access to anyone whom they wish to view their student information in the Student Information System, (SIS). Granting guest access allows for the guest to take actions in SIS on behalf of the student such as paying bills, viewing the student's class schedule or checking in on academic progress.

Students who wish to grant someone guest access must:

  • Log into SIS and indicate the items they wish for their guest to have access to. Upon logging into SIS, students should click on the My Profile tile then click on Share My Info Electronically. For a complete guide of instructions on how to grant guest access, students may view the Share My Info Electronically document which will walk student's through the entire process of granting guest access in SIS.

After a student has granted guest access in SIS, the guest must activate this guest access:

Please note: it may take up to 24-hours for a new guest account to be granted access in SIS.


Granting Guest Access

  • Guest Access FAQs

    How do I know if my student granted me guest access to SIS?

    You should receive an email from noting that your student has granted you access to their data. This email will also provide a link to information on how to set up your MSU Guest Account if you haven’t already done so. An MSU Guest Account is required first before you can begin accessing your student’s data. Note: if your student granted you guest access to an MSU email address, you will not need to set up an additional guest account.

    I’m not seeing any tiles that my student granted me access to when I logged in.

    Confirm your student granted you access to the tile you are missing. Students can grant guest access to view their Academic Progress, Academic Records, Classes, Financial Aid and Student Accounts tiles. Students can choose which individual tiles to grant access to. By default, you will have access to the Resources tile, Class Search and any notices posted system wide.

    I have multiple students who have granted me guest access. How do I view each student’s data?

    Each tile will have options to switch between students who have granted you access. For the Academic Records and Progress tiles, switch between students via the drop-down menu in the top left and click “Update.” For the Financial Aid tile, there will be links for each of your students after clicking on “Financial Aid Portal” in the left navigation. For the Student Account tile, you will toggle between students in the new payment portal after clicking on “Go to my Account” from the tile landing page. Click on the pencil icon to the right of your student’s name in the payment portal to switch views.

    I’m receiving an error when I try to access the financial aid portal.

    Explore the Financial Aid Guest Access accordion below for more information. Students need to grant an additional layer of guest access for their financial aid information in the financial aid portal.

  • Navigation - Guests
    To learn how to navigate in SIS, use the Quick Guide Navigation - Guests.
  • Financial Aid Guest Access FAQs

    My parent/guest received an error when they tried to access my financial aid information in the financial aid portal.

    Guest error message

    For a guest to gain access to a student’s financial aid information, the student must add their guest’s email address in both the Student Information System (SIS) at and in the financial aid portal accessed via the Financial Aid tile in SIS. If a student does not also add their guest in the financial aid portal, the guest will get the above error message when trying to access the portal. The guest will have to contact their student and ask them to grant access in the financial aid portal for the same email address.

    To check guest access in the financial aid portal, students can:

    1. Login in at
    2. Click the Financial Aid tile
    3. Click the Financial Aid Portal on the left side of the screen
    4. Click the Open Financial Aid Portal button that appears
    5. On the Financial Aid home screen, click your Name in the top-right corner and select Profile
    6. On the Profile page, scroll down to Manage Proxy Access
    7. If “Guest Email Address” is noted as “Pending,” guest access still has yet to be granted in the financial aid portal


    I’m trying to add a guest in the financial aid portal, but it won’t let me add that information.

    Pending FERPA agreement

    Before a student can add a guest in the financial aid portal, they will first need to sign the FERPA agreement. If the status of that agreement is noted as “Pending,” it will need to be completed before students can delegate guest access.

    Manage Proxy Access screenshot

    Once students complete the FERPA agreement, they can begin the guest access process in the financial aid portal. If “Add/Edit Proxy Portal Access” is noted as “Pending” under Guest Email Address, students have not added guests to the to the financial aid portal. Remember, a guest will not be able to access the financial aid portal until they have been granted access in both SIS ( and in the financial aid portal after clicking on the “Financial Aid” tile.


    I’m trying to sign a financial aid document, but it won’t accept my APID.

    Student ID use in financial aid portal

    To successfully sign the FERPA agreement, or any other document requiring a Student ID, students must sign with their Student ID. The Student ID is a student’s APID with the “A” replaced with a “1.” For example, if your APID is “A23456789” your Student ID would be “123456789.” Over the course of this academic year, students may be required to use a Student ID or APID. Simply replace the “A” with a “1” to convert from APID to ID.


    I’m trying to submit some of my required documents, but the submit tab will not open.

    Document owner example

    Be sure to check the “owner” of the document. Some documents are owned by students and require the student to complete. Other documents are owned by parents (guests) and can only be completed by parents (guest). When reviewing documents that require attention, note who is listed as the owner under the “Owner” column.




Important Notes:

  • If your student granted access to SIS with the same email address used for StuInfo, the new password you created is now the password you will use for StuInfo.
  • Multi-factor authentication is required for all guest accounts. Learn more about multi-factor here.


Guest Access Overview


View Summary

Academic Progress

Guests can view a student’s academic progress, expected graduation term and graduation status.

Academic Records

Guests can view academic program history, course history, grades, and test and transfer credit.


Guests can view a student’s classes, academic calendar, exam calendar and enrollment dates.

Financial Aid

Guests can view financial aid for 2021/2022 Aid Year and forward.

Financial Aid for the 2020/2021 Aid Year and prior are available in StuInfo.

Student Accounts

Guests can see account details, student account summary and website, and view tax forms. 

Summer 2021 and forward balances will be viewed and paid via SIS; however, historical and detailed bills for summer 2021 and before will be viewable only in StuInfo.