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Technical Support

For assistance with navigating the new Shopping Cart, Class Search and Enrollment functionalities, contact the Registrar’s Office at (517) 355-3300. Staff will be available to help via phone Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., or reach out via email at reg@msu.edu.

For technical issues (authentication, logging in, browser issues, or system errors), or to be routed to the appropriate support team, call the MSU IT Service Desk at (517) 432-6200 or toll free at (844) 678-6200.

  • Clearing Cache

    Some errors can be resolved by clearing your browser cache. Instructions for clearing the cache for your specific browser can be found here. It is also recommended that you clear your browser cache before logging in the first time after a system upgrade.

  • Browser Compatibility

    As of November 2020, the recommended browsers for the new Student Information System are:

    • Google Chrome 79.x
    • Mozilla Firefox 71
  • Enrollment FAQs

    Is Two-Factor Authentication required to enroll for classes?

    Two-factor Authentication is required to access the new SIS. Passwords alone no longer provide a sufficient degree of safety. Stronger authentication methods are needed to reduce the risk of a compromise, especially with high-value systems such as those that process or store sensitive and restricted information. If you do not have a smartphone or cannot receive SMS text messages, the MSU tech store can assist. For more information about Two-factor Authentication see msu.edu/two-factor/index.html.

    Do I have to add classes to my Shopping Cart and validate them before I enroll?

    While the Shopping Cart validation process is not required, it will allow for a faster enrollment process as you can resolve any validation messages you receive prior to your enrollment appointment. Validation checks for prerequisites and time conflicts. It will also alert you to any student permissions (overrides) that you may need to obtain and if there is an enrollment hold on your account.

    I am validating my Shopping Cart for spring semester, and I am getting an error saying that I don’t have a prerequisite, but I have that class in my Shopping Cart for fall.

    If you have a class in your Shopping Cart for fall, and it is a prerequisite for spring, the validation process will not recognize that, and it will note you are missing a prerequisite. Once you enroll for the class for fall, you will be able to validate or enroll for spring without error.

    When is my enrollment appointment?

    Enrollment appointment emails were sent from the Office of the Registrar on March 19. You can also view your enrollment appointment in SIS by navigating to the Classes tile and selecting “Enrollment Dates” from the left navigation.

    What is a Student Permission and how do I get one?

    Student Permission is the new term for overrides. The process for obtaining an override has not changed and is different by college. Please contact your advisor or visit your college website for more information.

    Where do I see my hold information in SIS?

    Because enrollment for summer is occurring in the existing systems, visit StuInfo to view your holds. Hold information will be available in new SIS later this summer.


    What are the Shopping Cart validation errors I might encounter?



    This course has been taken previously.

    Student has either enrolled in this course, or may have test, transfer or an equivalent course on their record.

    Enrollment Requisites are not met.

    Pre-requisite or course restriction has not been met.

    This class requires %1 consent.

    Department consent is required for special permission classes.

    The Requirement Designation Option was set to 'YES' by the enrollment process.

    This is not an error, but a message to the student noting there is a requirement designation on this class (e.g., credit for an honors class).

    There is a time conflict for class number %1 and class number %2.

    The classes listed in this error have a time conflict.

    Permission to enroll in this class is required.

    The student is in a career that requires them to get permission to enroll in the class.

    Duplicate Add Transaction, transaction not processed.

    The student is trying to validate two sections of the same course, both considered enrollment sections.

    There is a hold on your record that is preventing enrollment from processing. Please see StuInfo for hold details.

    Hold details can be viewed in StuInfo. Holds cleared in StuInfo will be reflected in SIS within the hour.


    During enrollment I added myself to a wait list for a class. How do I know where I am on the wait list?

    From your homepage, click on the Classes tile and then in the left-hand menu click View my Classes. At the top of the screen select the checkbox Show Waitlisted Classes. Waitlisted classes are shown with a status of “Waiting” along with your wait list position.

    Screenshot of the show waitlisted classes screen in SIS

Academic Year 2021 – 2022 Enrollment Information

Enrollment by appointment began April 2, 2021. Students received their appointment time in mid-March. Students can access the class schedule by logging in to SIS at student.msu.edu and clicking on the “Classes” tile. Students will be able to enroll for summer 2022 classes at the same time they enroll for fall 2021 and spring 2022 classes.

Prior to a student’s enrollment, it is recommended that classes are added to the Shopping Cart and are “validated” to confirm students are ready to enroll. The validation will check for prerequisites and alert students to any approvals that are needed, time conflicts and list any holds that would prevent enrollment. Then, when it is time for enrollment, students will be ready to do so with ease. Explore resources below for using the Class Search, Enrollment and Shopping Cart.

Please note: If you have made changes to your summer 2021 enrollment, they will not be reflected in SIS until the next day.

Class Search, Shopping Cart and Enrollment