Release 2 Go-Live

November 4, 2019

Release 2 go-live of Campus Solutions was completed on Monday, Nov. 4, 2019. Release 2 again established functionality needed for the remaining five releases of Campus Solutions. Release 2 included:

  • Admissions – admissions decisions, test scores and external education history converted
  • Campus Community – citizenship status for non-USA students converted
  • Curriculum Management – Course schedule history converted. Course scheduling (work copy) will continue to be used for this fall 2019, and summer 2020 will be loaded into the current SIS.

For Release 2, the Project Team successfully converted:

  • 13.6M Test Scores
  • 1.2M Class Section
  • 640K Class Attributes
  • 1.2M Class Components and Associations
  • 900K Meeting Patterns
  • 250K External Degrees
  • 1.9M External GPA