November 2019 - SIS Modernization Project Update and Forthcoming Events

November 18, 2019

TO:                      Deans, Directors and Chairs

FROM:                 David Byelich, Vice President, Office of Planning and Budgets

SUBJECT:            SIS Modernization Project Update and Forthcoming Events

Student Information System (SIS) Modernization project leaders are preparing to invite College and Major Administrative Unit representatives to discuss how related unit-based systems, applications, or reports will be affected by implementation of a new SIS. I am writing to request your participation in this university-wide project.

By March 2020, most unit-based systems, applications or reports currently utilizing student data will need to be modified in order to properly function. Without action at this time, these tools will become inoperable next spring.

Over the next several weeks, project staff will reach out to set up conversations with unit leaders and their respective change coordinators. Project staff will also introduce individuals with technical or business process expertise who may be able to assist during the transition. An agenda for the meeting will be provided.

The purpose of these meetings is to 1) review systems the SIS Project Team has already inventoried, 2) identify any additional items which may be affected, and 3) help begin the process of preparing campus for anticipated changes. This will include an overview of the tools and resources the SIS Project Team is preparing, as well as when the tools will become available to campus.

Some of you have already initiated this conversation with the SIS Project Team, in which case, the meeting is intended to confirm or ensure the right stakeholders in your respective colleges or units are engaged in future discussions. In these instances, details about next steps for preparation of the new system will also be clarified.

Change coordinators received information about the upcoming meetings during their Thursday November 7th, network update, and will be assisting the SIS Project Team in assuring these conversations are scheduled.

Once again, on behalf of the project thank you for your continuing support.

Cc:         Provost Sullivan