SIS Sponsorship Update

January 28, 2020

Subject: Augmented Leadership in the SIS Modernization Project

Sender: Samuel L. Stanley Jr., M.D.

Recipients: Deans, Directors and Chairs

Dear Colleagues,

The current Student Information System (SIS) is outdated, but it is a critical tool used by students, faculty, and staff. A project to modernize SIS is currently underway; see and also Much of the more technical work has been completed under the leadership of Dave Byelich, Vice President for Planning and Budget. Vice President Byelich will remain an executive sponsor for this project and a member of the executive committee, and the Office of the Provost, represented by Teresa A. Sullivan, will become a second executive sponsor.

Now it is time for the second phase of this project, which involves close coordination with the user community and its many different uses of SIS. I welcome Melissa Woo, Senior Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, to the executive leadership group for the SIS project. She replaces Rob McCurdy, whom we thank for his service.

Moving into the co-chairmanship for the executive committee will be Thomas Jeitschko, Associate Provost and Graduate Dean, and Mark Largent, Associate Provost and Undergraduate Dean. We appreciate their willingness to serve and look forward to the cooperation of all stakeholders as we proceed with this large undertaking.


Samuel L. Stanley, Jr., M.D.

Teresa A. Sullivan, Ph.D.
Interim Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs